How to repair a corrupted workbook in Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016?

Microsoft Excel is an application of MS Office, used to create spreadsheets. You can access the application on your Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating system. The application features pivot tables, calculation & graphic tools and much more. VBA, Macros, Lookup Formulas, Conditional Formatting are some of the other exciting features of Excel.

If MS Excel detects a corrupted file, it will automatically initiate file recovery mode and tries to recover your workbook. However, if it fails to begin it automatically, you can follow these steps to repair the workbook manually:
  1. Click File and then Open
  2. Open the folder containing that corrupted workbook
  3. Select the corrupted workbook, click the arrow button available just next to Open button
  4. Now, click Open and Repair
  5. To recover the data, click Repair
  6. If it doesn’t works in your favor, click Extract Data to extract values as well as formulas from the workbook

You can also recover the data when you are unable to open the workbook in Excel.  Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:

  1. Set the calculation option in Excel to manual
  2. Now, open the New from File menu
  3. Click Blank workbook
  4. Open Options from File
  5. Under the Formulas category, pick Manual under Calculation options
  6. Click OK
  7. Click File and then Open
  8. Now, double-click the corrupted workbook to open it

The aforementioned steps will definitely work in your favor. To avoid this situation occur in future, always go for automatic saving of your workbook. If your workbook has a back up, you don’t need to worry when it gets corrupted or deleted accidently. To do so, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Open MS Excel
  2. Click File and then Save As
  3. Now, click Computer followed by Browse
  4. You will see a Save As dialogue box
  5. Now, click the arrow available next to Tools, and click General Options
  6. Check Always Create backup box
  7. It’s done!

Apart from this, you can also choose “Automatically Create a Recovery File at Set Intervals” by following these steps:

  1. Click File and then Options
  2. In the Save category, check the SaveRecover Information Every box, which is available under Save Workbooks section
  3. Now, enter the time duration after which it automatically creates a recovery file
  4. Once it’s done, go to the AutoRecover File Location, enter the location where you want to save the file
  5. Ensure that the Disable AutoRecover for this workbook only box is unchecked

If the aforementioned procedure for repairing a corrupted workbook doesn’t work for you, contact customer support team and get an instant technical help by a technician. Hope the information was useful!


Canon, the Japanese Multinational Corporation is a world-renowned manufacturer of optical and imaging products. Its wide selection of product range includes photocopiers, steppers, camcorders, cameras, medical equipment and computer printers. Like the other products, Canon’s printer range has been widely demanded for highly advanced printing. The company introduces the world’s first inkjet printers using bubble-jet technology. Its printing range has many other features including the following:

  • Auto scan mode
  • Bluetooth
  • Auto photo fix
  • Auto document fix
  • Easy photo print
  • Intelligent touch system
  • My image garden
  • Quiet mode
  • Creative filters
  • Message in print app
  • Wireless auto power on
  • Memory card

Besides having so many features, canon printers may come up with several errors during configuration, printing, wireless connectivity or other tasks. These errors may halt the entire printing operation and waste your precious time. The most common error you may have to face with your Canon printer is paper jamming error. Paper jamming error means when the paper gets stuck inside the printer and it stops printing. Thankfully, the error has a solution. To fix this error, all you need to do is follow the below mentioned troubleshooting steps:

  1. Turn off the machine by unplugging the power cord from the power supply
  2. Open the paper output cover carefully and remove the paper, if found on the front tray
  3. Make sure you don’t touch the clear film. Also make sure that the jammed paper is not left under the fine cartridge holder
  4. If you find any piece of paper, move the fine cartridge holder towards the right edge or the left edge in order to remove the paper easily
  5. Handle the fine cartridge carefully to avoid any kind of breakage
  6. Hold the jammed paper with your hands so avoid further tear in it
  7. If the paper is rolled up inside, pull it out with your hands
  8. Once it is pulled out, make sure that there is no other piece of paper left inside the cartridge
  9. But, if the paper is torn, slide the cartridge to that side accordingly
  10. Close the paper output cover
  11. Now, reload the paper

If you are unable to do so even after following the aforementioned steps, then contact the Canon customer Support centre. The technician team works 24*7 to offer their support services. They also have years of experience in dealing and fixing out all kinds of Canon printer errors, including paper jamming error. Hope the article was useful!




Black Friday 2017- Microsoft’s Bing features to give you an ultimate shopping experience

Black Friday, the first day after the last major holiday before Christmas, is just around the corner. It is also a week of Thanksgiving in USA and other countries across the world. For this big shopping day, retailers have already started to preview their best deals and discounts. Checking out all their deals and offers may be a real challenge for the shoppers.

To help you make your shopping experience hassle-free, Microsoft, the tech giant has come to the rescue. It has displayed some of the exciting features of its Bing search, which will surely going to help the customers shop their heart out without any hassle. These new features include historical sports and weather information. With these features, the shoppers can easily compare items, make price comparisons, and also visit the retailer’s website.

Microsoft has also added a new page dedicated especially to the Black Friday. At this page, shoppers can find ads from all major online stores in US. This simply means no fuss, no muss, only an easy-to-use directory of all the Black Friday ads from the your most favorite online retailers including Toys R Us, JC Penney, Amazon and Best Buy. All you need to do is click through the flyers and prepare your shopping cart. Bing shopping accumulates multiple sellers together; letting the shoppers buy from a number of sellers together. Isn’t it the handiest thing around!

Bing, the popular search engine from Microsoft Support already supports package tracking service from Fedex, USPS and UPS in the US; and now they have widen up this service outside the US. You can get complete package tracking service for Purolator in Canada and myHermes in Great Britain. All you need to do is provide your tracking ID in the Bing search bar in order to get the latest tracking status of your order.



How to fix HP printers ‘Ink System Failure’ Error?

HP is a renowned tech giant engaged in the manufacturing of laptops, desktops, computer accessories and printers. Like the other HP products, its printing range has been appreciated for advance level technology and ease of use. The tech giant offers its stylish and highly advanced printers for home, home office, small and large business.

With HP printers, you can print vibrant photos, laser-quality texts and other creative projects. Different HP printers range includes HP Deskjet printers, HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printers, HP Ink Advantage Ultra printers, HP Deskjet GT printers, HP LaserJet Pro printers, HP Laser Jet Ultra printers, Laser Jet MFP, HP PageWide business printers and more. Apart from this, HP also offers 3-in-1 printers that let a user accomplish three tasks without having three different machines. One can scan, copy and print a document with HP 3-in-1 printer.

Every HP printer is designed and manufactured using the premium level technology and utmost expertise, still there are chances that you may find an issue while using them. These issues could occur during installation, internet connectivity, configuration, and at any other time. One of the most common errors that may occur is “ink system failure”. Once the error occurs, you will see an ink system failure error with numbers or letters like 0xc18a0001, 0xc19a0013 or any other. Just make sure that your system meets the required specifications for the printer you are planning to buy. To fix this error, all you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Use the right HP ink cartridge

  • Visit HP SureSupply
  • Choose your country/region
  • Follow the further instructions to check the compatibility of your cartridge with the printer
  • If the problem is still there, then go to step two
  1. Reset the printer

  • Turn off the printer
  • Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer
  • Wait for one minute
  • Turn it on back again by plugging in the wire back to its place
  • If the issues persists, then go to step 3 
  1. Check the estimated ink level

  • Replace the cartridge if the ink level goes below
  1. Clean the vents and the contacts of the cartridge carefully
  2. Use the automated tool to clean the printhead
  3. Clean the printhead manually
  4. If both the process at step 5 & 6 doesn’t work in your favor, then replace the printhead
  5. Go for your printer’s service from the authorized service provider only

If none of the aforementioned solution resolves the issue, then contact HP Support. The team of technicians working 24*7 will be glad to assist you with the best possible solution.



How to create and add a signature to your message in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook, a part of office suite is a personal information manager used particularly for emails. It also includes other applications like contact manager, note taking, calendar, task manager, journal and more. A user can use it as a stand-alone application or with Microsoft SharePoint server and Microsoft Exchange Server. Its different versions are available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating system.

Outlook also allows the users to add personalized signatures for the email messages. This helps the users to draft an email without adding their signatures every time in it. Apart from text, you can also add images, logo of your business, electronic business card and even an image of your handwritten signature. You can further choose from two options while adding a signature. This includes adding them automatically to all outgoing emails or choosing which messages include a signature. To add your signatures, follow the below mentioned steps (for Outlook 2016 and 2013):
  1. Login to your Outlook account
  2. Compose new email
  3. On the message tab, under the Include group, select Signature -> Signatures
  4. Under Select Signatures to Edit, select New
  5. In the New Signature dialogue box, enter the text for your signatures
  6. Type the signature under Edit Signature
  7. Now, set the below mentioned options for your signature under the tab “Choose default signature”
  • E-mail account list- Select an email account to link with the signature. You can keep different signatures for each email account
  • Replies or Forward list- Select the signature (auto-sign) you want to add automatically to the outgoing messages (reply and forward both). Or accept the default option, i.e. None
  • New message list- Select the signature you want to add automatically to each mail. If you want to add that signature in particular emails, then choose None
  1. Now, choose Ok to save your message

Add an image or logo

For adding an image or logo to your signature, follow these steps:

  1. Open a New Message
  2. Choose Signatures from Signature
  3. Under Select signature to edit box, select the logo or image of the signature you want add
  4. Choose the image icon and locate your image
  5. Now, select Insert
  6. You can resize your image by right-clicking the image and selecting Picture
  7. Choose the size tab and use the different options to resize the image
  8. Make sure to keep the Lock aspect ratio checkbox checked
  9. Select Ok, if you are done!

Inserting a signature manually

This will go perfect if you don’t want to automatically add the signature in every email, reply or forwards. Follow these steps to add a signature manually:

  1. In the email message, in the Include group on the ribbon
  2. Choose Signature
  3. Now, select your signature from the fly-out menu
  4. If you have multiple signatures, you can choose any one of them

Still, if you find any kind of technical glitches while performing this contact with Outlook Customer Support.



Microsoft issues Advisory to Office users after Fancy Bear attacks

Microsoft, the tech giant has posted a security advisory to let the Office customers minimize attacks that utilize an Office feature DDE to install malware upon opening an Office document. According to security researchers, since last month a Russia-linked hacking group named APT28 is making the use of DDE or Dynamic Data Exchange, an old protocol to embed malicious code through an infected Word document. This protocol enables the users to send messages between applications that share data.


These targeted attacks linked to this Russia-linked group are sometimes known as Fancy Bear hacking gang. Last month, it was observed that it was possible to plant attacks exploiting DDE via Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and Outlook, even when macros have not been enabled. For example- financial data that can be auto updated with new data from an external source.

As per McAfee researchers report, the hacking group has started using DDE in a word document with the file name “IsisAttackInNewYork.docx”. The hackers used DDE to launch a PowerShell script that lands to a URL and downloads an implant named Seduploader, which automatically fetches information about victims.

In the email attack scenario, an attacker could influence the DDE protocol by sending a specially customized file to the user and compelling him to open the file, mainly by the way of enticement in an email.

Before to this, the Dynamic Data Exchange attack was being used by cybercriminal groups. Sensepost researchers grab attention to the technique, which offered an alternative way to implant malware with macros. Sensepost reported this issue to the tech giant, Microsoft. However, Redmond thought it a feature and hence didn’t provide a patch in the October update.

The Fancy bear files that took the help of DDE were created on October 27 and shared with control server domains that were registered two days before.

Microsoft issues an advisory that if an attacker influence a user to open a document that make the use of DDE, the victim also need to disable Protected Mode and click through one or more additional prompts. The recommendation also points to instructions for administrators to enable DDE feature control keys that are saved in the registry.

The tech giant strongly encourages all the Office users to review the security-related feature control keys and to enable them for better protection from the Fancy Bear attacks. The advisory also include guide for disabling DDE from the inside of Office products. It shows that if DDE is disabled in Excel from the registry it may prevent the spreadsheets from automatically updating from a live feed.

If the users need them they have to start the feed manually. In the same way, Microsoft has provided instructions for disable this Dynamic Data Exchange in its Office applications, including Publisher, Word and Outlook, along with the description of the impact if this DDE is disabled.



How to troubleshoot AVG update error?

AVG is one of the popularly used antivirus software among the users across the world. It protects your device from all kinds of online threats, including viruses, malware, spyware, malicious software and even Petya ransomware. All you need to do is install and activate it on your device; and it will automatically scan your data and files after a regular interval of time.

Apart from ensure safe and secure web browsing, it also checks all the attachments you download from your email. To bring new enhancements and to fix errors, AVG antivirus range is regularly updated by the company. An AVG user must update this antivirus software in order to improve the security level. While updating one may find several errors and one of them shows the following message:

“The connection with update server has failed”

This error occurs typically when there is no internet connection or when AVG cannot reach to its update servers. However, this error has a solution and we have mentioned it just below. But, before you follow them make sure your operating system is updated to the latest version.

  1. Check AVG server connection

One of the possibilities to make this error occur could be “the connection to the AVG server is blocked”. This happens when you use firewall or some content filtering applications. To troubleshoot this, make sure these applications or the firewalls is not stopping AVG from connecting to the internet. You can also disable the program temporarily till your AVG gets updated.

  1. Your internet connection is not fully functional

Correct this problem by following these steps for Windows 10:

  • Click Search and then Control Panel
  • In Network and Sharing, open Network and Sharing Centre
  • Right-click the connection you use and click Disable it
  • Now, Enable it again
  1. Check your internet connection settings

Incorrect internet settings, including DNS server details can also cause this error. Generally, viruses or malware that affect your system also affect these settings. To fix this, follow these steps (Windows 10 users):

  • Open Control Panel and then open Network and Sharing Centre
  • Click Change Adapter Settings
  • Right-click the connection you use and choose Properties
  • Now, double-click the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item on the Networking tab
  • Once done, check and alter the internet settings, including IP address and DNS, according to your Internet Provider
  • Click OK to confirm the changes
  • Close the Window

If the problem still persists, then contact AVG customer support team and get this error fixed by a certified technician. The team operates all day long; so you can call them anytime as per your convenience.