Microsoft Office Real-Time Productivity Features Exclusively for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft recently launched a real-time productivity feature for iPhone and iPad users. The feature will improve the efficiency of your work on Microsoft Office. The September feature has updated Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. So, let’s read about the feature in detail:

As the name describes, this real-time feature will let you see where others are working. Not just this, you can also make changes to a particular document, spreadsheet or more, and others can see these changes instantly. This basically focus on team work from remote places as you can see in real-time what your colleagues are typing in MS Word documents.

 However, if you don’t have time to regularly check the changes that the other users are making in the Word document, then simply set an alert for it. To enable this, Open the menu and enable Office notifications, which will work for Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. For iPad users, a new Outlook feature has been rolled out. This feature would help them connect with what’s happening at the Office.

So, you can now check out messages full screen and shift to calendar views in no time. The new and better date picker will help you schedule your tasks and meets to make it easy for you tackle with the upcoming challenges. By using this feature, you can access your incoming emails faster than ever. In the same way, sending emails would also be a task of seconds.

The new real-time productivity feature gives you the freedom to share just one slide instead of sharing the whole presentation. So, if you want to send someone a rough idea of the layout of the entire presentation via a slide, you can make it possible now! Get it now  and enjoy amazing features. If you facing any issues in updating or finding it, contact with Microsoft Customer Support team.



Microsoft Has Rolled Out Office 365 toolbar for macOS

Using Microsoft Office 365 on a macOS? You must be happy after hearing this news. Microsoft, the American multinational company has launched a special toolbar to let the macOS users, access the documents, calendar items and other files quickly. This toolbar or we can say “My Workspace” is the outcome of Microsoft’s Garage program that motivates the employees to develop applications in their free time.

This latest application is designed mainly for the toolbar area. It will include a quick overview of your calendar items in order to help you out in joining Skype meetings and other RSVP to events without a miss. Similar to OneNote and Dropbox, My Workspace also comprises of all the recently used files from which you can also pin important ones or simply open them directly from the app. You will also find a shortcut to the most popular Office 365 settings along with the freedom to pin Office mac applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.

The application can be added to your Office 365 right now and that too without paying any additional cost, as it is available for free on It is really a useful addition for Office 365 mac users. So, what are you waiting for? Get it today!



How to troubleshoot language error in Office installation package?

Those who don’t want to access the advanced features as well as applications of MS Office prefer using its 2007 version. Its feature of letting the users, access Office Open XML files has made it even more popular. So, if you are also trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 through and finding an error, which says “The language of this installation package is not supported by your system”, then we can surely help you out. But before moving ahead towards the troubleshooting steps, let’s make you aware of the possible reasons that can cause this error:

  1. You might be trying to install an East Asian version of the product. This normally occurs if you are using Windows 2003 or XP
  2. The format of the source file could be .iso or .img
  3. If the source file is in .exe format, then it could lead to this error
  4. There must be some fault in the CD drive


Steps to fix this error

In this section, we will provide you solutions for all the aforementioned possibilities. Have a look:

For Cause 1


  1. Press Windows + R key
  2. Type intl.cpl in the run box
  3. Click Ok
  4. Choose the language tab and open Supplement language support to do the following
  • Install files for East language check box
  • Install files for complex script and right-to-left language check box
  • Click Ok
  1. Insert the Windows server 2003 CD, when prompted. Don’t forget to mention the network location where the files are located
  2. Restart the computer once done!

For Cause 2

  1. Re-extract the setup files from the source files
  2. Once done, try doing the same using a different utility or tool

For Cause 3

  1. Avoid using any utility like Winzip or 7zip
  2. For a self extracting .exe file, it is easy to run the setup directly
  3. In case you want to modify some of the .exe files, try the following steps:
  • Press Windows + R key
  • Drag and drop the .exe file in the run box
  • Put the symbols /? (forward slash and question mark) in the end of path name
  1. In case of a self-extracting file, you may be prompted with the following options:
  • [like /q: quiet installation mode

/extract:<drive>\folder To extract the files ]

  1. In this case, click Ok available on the prompted window and follow the path:
  • Start -> Run -> drag and drop the executable files
  • Add the parameter /extract:<path>
  • Click Ok
  • Open the folder and run the needed setup file
  • You can also run the installation without extracting the files

For Cause 4

  1. Try to copy the files from the CD to the hard drive
  2. Run the setup from the hard disk location
  3. If it doesn’t works, then visit or try to install Office 2007 on a different computer system

Hope, the aforementioned information works for you!

Happy Troubleshooting!



How to fix in Dell all-in-one printer error 1203?

Dell, the multination computer technology company manufactures laptops, desktops, peripheral devices, cameras, HD TVs and other amazing products. Along with these products, its printers are also demanded across the world. Dell introduces its first printer in the year of 2003. The company self manufactures their own cartridges and toners. Dell printing range both wired and wireless is known for offering users the best printing experience. Dell all-in-one printers can do multiple functions including scanning, printing and copying. That’s why they have been called as performance powerhouse.

Though Dell AIO or all-in-one printers are perfect in everything, there are chances that you may encounter an error while dealing with these printers. The most common error among these is Error 1203. If you have also encountered the same error code, then this article will definitely help you out! 


What causes Dell Error 1203?

Error 1203 occurs mainly when there is some issue in the printer’s cartridge. This halts the entire printing operation as the ink might not get fall at the right place into the paper.

Steps to Troubleshoot Dell Error 1203

  1. Turn off the printer and also remove the power supply from the back of the printer
  2. Wait for one minute, re-insert the power supply and then turn the printer on
  3. Check whether the printer still displays error 1203
  4. If no, print a test page
  5. If it is still there, continue troubleshooting it
  6. Remove the power supply after turning off the printer
  7. Open the top cover of the printer and carefully move the cartridge carrier to the middle of the printer with the help of a carrier belt
  8. Remove the cartridge from the printer, close the cover and start the printer by plugging in the power cable
  9. If it doesn’t shows up the error message, clean the cartridge and put it back in place
  10. Print a test page
  11. It’s good to go!

If the problem still persists, contact Dell customer support team. Their team of technician is available 24*7 to fix all the Dell printer errors of the customers.

Lena smith is Passionate technical writer. She keeps a strict vigil on the latest technological changes in Microsoft, Windows, Dell devices & printers, antivirus and more, happening around the world. She studies every invention or change deeply, and then make her readers update via her articles and blogs.



How to Fix Common MS Outlook email Errors?

MS Outlook or Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager, which is a part of MS Office suite. Mainly used as an email application, you can also perform a number of other operations on it. It includes a task manager, contact manager, journal, calendar and other exciting features. It can be used as a stand-along application as well as with MS Exchange Server and MS SharePoint Server. While using Microsoft Outlook as an email application (particularly for professional emails), you may find an error. The most common error is not able to send or receive any email in your Outlook inbox.

How to Fix Common MS Outlook email Errors

If you are also facing same issue, then just relax as this article has got you covered with everything to fix this error out. Just remember that after trying every solution that has been mentioned below, try sending (Check Send Email Status) a test email or ask someone to send you a mail (Check Receive Email Status):

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet via a wired or wireless mode
  2. Check the Outlook email account settings. If you found any problem there, correct it immediately
  3. Remove all suspicious emails from your mailbox. To access them you can use your ISP’s web-based email program or contact your ISP and ask them to remove the same on your behalf.
  4. Go the antivirus (installed on your device) manufacturer’s website and check for additional suggestions. That’s because your antivirus may be stopping you to send or emails to/from a particular email address, of course due to security reasons.
  5. Configure your firewall software properly to facilitate Outlook access the internet
  6. Repair your Outlook or Outlook express
  7. Ensure that your Outlook email profile works correctly
  8. Try sending an email by running Outlook in safe mode
  9. Run the Inbox Repair Tool to fix your .pst file
  10. Clean up all the message that are stuck in your Outbox
  11. Verify all the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email addresses in the distribution list

If the problem still persists, visit or contact Microsoft customer support team and get the problem fixed by a certified technician. The best part is you can contact them at anytime as they work 24*7. You will surely get a solution!



Huawei Microsoft Join Hands for Cloud Apps Service

Huawei, the Chinese networking giant has announced signing a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to bring Microsoft’s enterprise applications onto Huawei’s public cloud. The two giant MNC will build an open online ecosystem to work together on the development as well as marketing. Huawei cloud already offers Microsoft RDS for SQL Server along with Windows servers. With this news, it is confirmed that Huawei will now bring many other Microsoft products online.

Huawei Microsoft Join Hands for Cloud Apps Service

Zheng Yelai, Huawei’s BU and IT line president, has announced the news about the strategic cooperation on cloud services with the American multinational technology company, Microsoft. This will drive innovation as we are building an effortless platform from which customers can take advantage through industry-leading technology. Together, we are confident that we will lead, and win, in the world of digital transformation, Microsoft China CEO Alain Crozier added.

Apart from cloud apps, joint market expansion and marketing strategies are also planned between these two tech giants. Huawei said that we both will begin in-depth cooperation on the public cloud to offer a great experience of the latest cloud services for enterprises and help enterprises execute digital transformation. This cooperation will benefit the customers to have the trusted hosting as well as a number of applications as a service.

This news came after Huawei announced in April 2017 that they are planning to expand its public cloud offering outside of its home market of China. Starting in 2017, Huawei will target on public services, said Xu in April. Huawei will invest huge in building an open as well as trusted public cloud platform that will be a strong foundation of a Huawei cloud family. This will include public clouds Huawei will develop together with operators and on its own. According to the sources, Huawei planned to approach the US enterprise market step by step.

Huawei is all set to develop smart devices into intelligent devices by building end-to-end capabilities that support coordinated development of chips, devices, and the cloud,” Yu said on Saturday.

Maria Silvia is a passionate writer who keeps a strict vigil on the latest technology Microsoft Support news, updates and product launches. She makes her readers aware of every update through here articles and blogs.



How to Fix Microsoft Word Common Errors?

Microsoft Office is one of the most common applications among the computer users across the world. The complete package of MS Office includes applications for creating spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more. The latest versions of Office are 2016 and 365. With these two in your computer, you can do many complicated tasks within the blink of an eye and that too without using any other application.

Among all these applications, MS word is used to create documents. While creating a document, you can easily insert a graph, table, image, shapes and more in it. Just like in any other application, you can also face an error in word. The most common errors are:

  • Run-time error
  • Compile error in a hidden module
  • Word cannot open this document (the file you are trying to open)
  • Command cannot be performed because a dialogue box is open
  • Invalid add-in template
  • Subscript out of range
  • Module name cannot be found


The aforementioned errors occur when an add-in in the one of the startups folder is not compatible with the Microsoft Word.


Troubleshooting Tips

  • Close or quit all the programs and applications including MS Word and Outlook
  • Follow the below mentioned path to open the Startup folder

MS Office 2000

Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Startup

MS Office 2002

Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\Startup

MS Office 2003

Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Startup

MS Office 2007

Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Startup

MS Office 2010

Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\Startup

Once you open this folder, move all the files available in this folder to the desktop. Restart MS Word and try opening your document once again. If this doesn’t work out, then install the support template by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Open control panel by pressing Windows + R and typing control panel in it
  2. Select add or remove programs
  3. Now click change or remove program
  4. From the currently installed program list, click your MS Office version and click change
  5. From add or remove features, hit next
  6. In “Custom Setup” setting, select the check box in front of “Choose advanced customization of applications”
  7. Click next
  8. Under the “Choose update options for applications and tools”, do the following steps
  • Expand MS Office Word
  • Expand Wizard and Templates
  • Choose the icon More Templates and Macros
  • Click to choose Run all from my computer
  1. Hit update to install the support templates

If you have tried the aforementioned solution but the problem still persists, then visit or contacting Microsoft customer support team would definitely be a great idea. Their customer support team works 24*7 to provide you a quick and reliable solution to all the Microsoft Office errors associated with its different versions.