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How To Take Advantage Of Phone Finder In Norton Mobile Security?

Norton, the world-class norton mobile security software and solutions providers offer a plethora of antivirus and software for the Windows and Mac devices. These software offers complete protection from viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan Horses, Ransomware and other online threats that have the capability of stealing your confidential information and misusing it. The attackers via the medium of these viruses can also steal your hard-earned money.


Apart from the security software for web, the well-known security software manufacturer also provides a number of solutions for the mobile phones. One of the most popular products of Norton is Norton mobile security. The product has been tailored made for Android as well as iOS mobile devices. It protects the device from all kind of viruses that tend to attack your mobile phone via malicious links, photos, videos and attachments you download from your mail inbox.

Not just protection of your data and information, it also provide you an array of anti-theft features that can do wonders, if you lost your device or someone steals it. After the mishap, you can simply access these anti-theft features through web or SMS to find your lost device (provided the location services are enabled). Both SMS-based and web-based anti-theft services use the same passcode, which is system generated when you register the device. To view or modify your passcode, you have to simply log in to your Norton account. To use the Anti-theft features from Norton Mobile Security:

  1. Log in to your Norton account using the registered email ID and password
  2. Choose the device for which you want to use the anti-theft feature
  3. In this pane, simply click one of the following features and follow the instructions given with them
    • Remove Screen Lock- Hit this option to unlock your device
    • Lost Mode- Hit Turn On Lost Mode to lock your lost device. This will also track and make audible sound, take pictures and more to help you find it
    • Lock Device – Enter a custom message you want to be displayed on the device’s lock screen and then hit Lock Device
    • Locate- Click Locate Now to display the current location of your device on the map
    • Sneak-Peak- With this you can take photos using the front camera
    • Scream- This will make an audible sound from your device, which will ultimately help to locate it
    • Call- Click Call Phone to make a call to your lost iPhone or iPad via internet
    • Wipe- Click this option to erase all your personal data on the device

If you cannot access any of the features of the Norton mobile security, visit


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Microsoft Patch Tuesday Released for February 2018

With the release of Microsoft Patch Tuesday, the company has introduced a number of security updates to deal with more than 50 serious problems in Internet Explorer/Edge, Windows, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Flash Player. Different patches issued today ship with the company’s critical rating, stating the issues they troubleshoot could be exploited remotely by the malware to get complete control over those systems that are vulnerable to the attacks.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Released


February’s Patch Tuesday batch incorporates fixes for minimum 55 security holes. Some of the threatening errors incorporate vulnerabilities in the Microsoft programs such as Outlook, Office and Edge that may let the harmful coding into enter your Windows system just by making you click on an infected hidden link, web page or a document. According to the reports, the SANS Internet Storm Center has made a handy list on the separate flaws, clearly indexing them by severity rating, exploitability and the condition that whether the issues have been disclosed or exploited publically or not.

One of the Tuesday Patch updates indicates a couple of serious vulnerabilities in the most used Microsoft product, i.e. Adobe Flash Player that ships with the latest version of Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. As per the warning given by Krebs On Security in the last week, there are a number of active attacks ongoing against the Flash vulnerabilities.

Adobe Flash Player is also phasing out Flash completely by the end of 2020. However, most of the big browsers have already taken steps to hobble the Flash. It is one of the biggest security liabilities. Even Google Chrome also packages Flash, but stops it from running on all but few of the renowned websites and that only after user approval.

For the Windows users using Mozilla Firefox on their system, the browser pops-out users to enable Flash on an individual site basis. Till the end of 2017 and in the beginning of 2018, Microsoft Edge will continue to take permission of the users for permitting to run Flash on several websites the users visit for the first time. They will automatically remember the user’s preferences on their next visit.

The upcoming standalone version of Flash that indicates these errors is for Windows, Linux, Chrome and Mac OS. Still, most of the users possibly are better off manually removing Flash altogether as many of the websites still want Flash to be enabled before loading the content. Disabling the Flash in Google Chrome is quite simple. All you need to do is paste “chrome://settings/content” into a Chrome browser bar and then choose “Flash” from the list of items available. However, it should be automatically set to “Ask First” before enabling the Flash, although users can disable Flash entirely here or blacklist specific sites.

Users who are using Adobe Reader or Acrobat also require updating, as Adobe has shipped new versions of these products that fix a minimum of 39 security holes. Keep in touch with the latest Microsoft news!

Lena Smith, the writer of this article has been into writing since five years. While writing, she focuses on mentioning each and every detail that can help her readers know about the latest technological changes, including Office updates, Microsoft product launches, McAfee SupportHP Support and more.


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How To Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-4 When Installing Office?

Microsoft Office is the Office productivity suite that consists of various applications (like MS Word, MS Access and MS PowerPoint), servers (like Skype for Business Server) and services (like Office Online and Delve). For utilizing these applications and services included in the Office productivity suite, the users need to download, install and then activate the Office setup. Sometimes the users may face some errors while updating or installing Office setup to the device and one of the most common errors is the Microsoft Office Error Code 30068-4.

Installation and updating are the two main processes that make the device ready for the proper functioning or execution of the software by installing all the downloaded files of the software.The Office Error Code 30068-4 is caused due various causes that include network restrictions, firewall restrictions, windows installer error and corrupted system files. The error is also caused if the device has the older version of Office setup pre-installed that is why it has been recommended to uninstall and remove the older versions of Office setup from the device before installing any newer version of it.As the error occurs on the device, a message box is displayed on the screen, showing the message as shown below:



Follow the methods mentioned below for resolving the Office Error Code 30068-4, easily:

Method 1: Temporarily Disable the Firewall:

  1. Click the “Start” button on the taskbar.
  2. Now, select the “Control Panel” option.
  3. In the “Control Panel” window, click the “System and Security” option.
  4. And then, select the “Windows Firewall” option.
  5. In the left panel of the “Windows Firewall” window, select the “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” option.
  6. Now, mark the “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” radio button in both the sections i.e. Private network settings and public network settings.
  7. At last, click the “OK” button for saving the changes made.

Now, try to update or install the Office setup to the device. If the Office setup is successfully installed or updated, then enable the Windows Firewall again.

Method 2: System File Checking Scan:

(Important note: The command prompt is case sensitive i.e. the upper case ‘D’ is not same as the lower case ‘d’.)

  1. Firstly, the users need to open the command prompt in administrative privileges. To do so, click the “Start” button and type “cmd” in the start menu search box.
  2. A black window will appear on the screen.
  3. In this window, type the command as shown below;


  1. After this, hit the “Enter” key.
  2. Now, the scanning process will begin, automatically.
  3. Wait till the scan gets completed.
  4. Once the SFC scan gets completed, try to install or update the Office setup on the device to check whether the error code is resolved or not. If the error is not resolved then, follow the steps mentioned in method 3.

Method 3: Remove and Re-install the Office Setup:

  1. Firstly, click the “Start” button on the taskbar.
  2. Now, select the “Control Panel” option from the start menu.
  3. And then, click the “Programs” option.
  4. After this, select the “Uninstall programs” option.
  5. Now, a list of the programs that are installed on the device will appear on the screen.
  6. From this list, search the “Microsoft Office” program.
  7. Select the “Microsoft Office” and click the “uninstall” option.
  8. After this, restart the device.
  9. Now, try re-installing the Office setup to the device.

After performing the aforementioned methods, if the Office Error Code 30068-4 still persists on the device then the users may contact with Microsoft technicians, to get an instant guidance for resolving the Office Error Code 30068-4.


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HP initiative to Smart Printing with Smart Assistant

Thanks to this new initiative by the renowned American multinational information technology company, HP that you can now start talking to your printer also. This means you can simply give the print commands without even touching the device. To make this happen, digital assistants are coming in the action, courtesy by HP. However, the feature is not built into HP printer yet.


But users can still avail the functionality considering it a new skill to use with their smart speaker or assistant application. Both of these will go perfectly with all HP’s web-enabled printers. According to the HP’s Anneliese Olson, bringing in voice into the home printer is undoubtedly a useful application of the technology.


“This virtual assistant ecosystem makes a real sense for the busy families who want to save a single minute of theirs to utilize it doing some other task. Connecting a printer to the virtual assistant is a natural extension and a great initiative within the smart home. With this, you will be able to directly give the commands such as “print out my reminders”, “print out my notes” or “print some graph papers”, says Hewlett Packard in a report. You even don’t need to make a mouse click or tap on your device’s screen.

The company is planning to embed these virtual assistants into its web-enabled printers in the upcoming years. In the meanwhile, you will have to use an intermediary device such as a smart speaker or assistant app.

Key Role of Smart Assistant

The smart assistant app can not only help you with smart printing but also tell you if you are low on ink or the right time to fill in or replace your printer’s cartridge. The assistant helps you save your time that you put in hunting through the settings screens on your computer system. These skills can now be availed by the customers and HP has also created three separate landing pages for each one:

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Alexa
  3. Cortana

Considering behind-the-scenes updates, the company can easily upgrade the printing capabilities of Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana in the upcoming time. This is to respond the growing number of commands to print or change the printer’s configuration or change the printers’ settings.

While HP is the first company to bring in this initiative, you can also expect other printer manufacturers to gradually follow HP’s footsteps as most of the gadgets we use today come up with some kind of voice assistant built-in. The rise of the smart speaker is now occupied by one in six Americans.

Lena Smith has  keen passion towards technical writing has given him new achievements. Her passion for writing on technologies and latest devices has indeed made the interface to any device much easier for users. She loves to write about the latest HP Support, Sony printers, Brother Printer, Avast & AVG antiviruses along with all the errors associated with them.


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Microsoft Offers Free Usage of OneDrive to Steal Google, Dropbox, and Box customers!

Microsoft, the renowned tech giant is targeting Box, Google and DropBox customers with an all-new offer for its OneDrive for business cloud storage services. This simply means that if you are already using cloud storage services from the three companies (Microsoft’s competitors), Microsoft OneDrive will provide for free for the period of your contract with them. The only condition to keep in mind before availing the free usage of OneDrive is that your company should have more than 500 users and you should be a new customer of OneDrive or the Office 365 cloud productivity suite.


Google, Box and DropBox, be alert, Microsoft is coming with an exciting offer for your customers. On 6th February 2018, Microsoft has announced an offer to attract the organizations to avail its OneDrive cloud storage services. This promotional offer is only good till June 18th of this year. With this deal, the main purpose of the tech giant is to provide the customers an idea of what it can offer without thinking much about their existing subscriptions from those other vendors.

The company is confident enough that those big customers will definitely avail this offer and it also seems that they will be happily swallow the cost. Microsoft is observing a great growth in its subscription cloud businesses, which is building up the confidence of the company.

To make it convincible for the customers to avail this offer, Microsoft is advertising the deep amalgamation between its own productivity suite (Microsoft Office) and OneDrive service. Microsoft Office is not only compatible with the cloud storage from those other competitor companies to a great extent but it will also include several additional features being offered by the Microsoft.

For example, OneDrive is a perfect option to go with when you want to have multiple authors, access and work on a single office document in real-time from their computer systems or smartphone applications. It also helps in integrating with the other Microsoft applications such as SharePoint (the team portal) to make them sync across the suite without any hassle.

Seth Patton, Microsoft Global Senior Director advertises the security level of OneDrive by mentioning that it means most customers’ most rigorous requirements. He tells Business Insider that “it’s a pretty big deal”.  One can also think that Microsoft is preaching to the choir somewhat with this promotional deal. While Box, Google’s G Suite and Dropbox definitely have a huge number of big-organization customers, they are particularly known for attracting to the smaller and midsize organizations.

Microsoft is already ruling the market with its Office productivity suite is, and remains, the biggest standard in the productivity market. Besides that the analysts urging Dropbox to have an enterprise-centric strategy in front of its purported IPO, Microsoft is making efforts to consolidate its lead ahead of time.

After the offer expires, all those who enroll in this deal will have to pay for OneDrive for Business like usual. The plan starts at only $5 per user per month. You could also choose to avail it on $12.50 per user per month subscription to the Office 365 cloud productivity suite. With it, you will also get complete access to all the amazing Office applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.


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LogRhythm Integration With Webroot threat intelligence & IP reputation services

LogRhythm and Webroot are the two software companies that have been working for the empowerment of its users by developing antivirus software, have integrated its services through the LogRhythm next-gen SIEM product. The main reason behind this integration was to boost the intelligence of SIEM next-gen to another level, by adding the Webroot features of IP reputation and threat intelligence.

logrhym integration with webroot

LogRhythm is one of the software companies that have been working and developing antivirus software for providing a layer of protection to the users and organizations against the cyber threats. All the products by LogRhythm detect, respond and neutralize the cyber threats, rapidly before a material breach occurs. Webroot is another software company that has been developing security solutions for offering the layer of protection to the users against the cyber threats.All the Webroot products have the ability to block the malware as well as remove it before it harms the users’ data.

Now-a-days, cyber criminals are using various sophisticated tools to attack the user data and thus, making it a challenge for all the companies that are developing the antivirus software to protect their users against the cyber threats. Through this partnership, LogRhythm can offer a proactive protection layer to the users against all the modern cyber-attacks.The joint solution or the new fulfillment has the ability to leverage the real time capabilities of webroot by identifying all the malicious IPs that may attack the user’s network.

This joint solution by Webroot and LogRhythm includes the services like Webroot BrightCloud IP Reputation and Threat intelligence that offers an enhancement to the analytics and incident response workflow of the LogRhythm next-gen SIEM. Even Matthew Winter, VP of Marketing & Business Development at LogRhythm and Michael Neiswender, VP of Worldwide OEM Sales at Webroot have appreciated their integration and said that this joint product have the ability of detect and respond to the threats accurately, quickly and efficiently.

The main aim of both the intelligence vendors i.e. Webroot and LogRhythmis to offer the security intelligence via next-generation security analytics and the intelligence platforms. And they will work altogether as a group within the Threat Intelligence Ecosystem by LogRhythm.

Lena Smith,  the writer of this article has been into writing since five years. While writing, she focuses on mentioning each and every detail that can help her readers know about the latest technological changes, including updates, Microsoft product launches, antivirus updates, focuses on webroot support,  and more.

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How to Fix Microsoft Office 2013 error code 0x4004f00c or 0x4004f00d?

Microsoft Office 2013 is the productivity suite that includes various applications (like MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint) and services (like Skype for Business, Yammer). To enjoy all the services and applications of the suite 2013, the users need to follow a chain of process i.e. download >> install >> activate. Sometimes the users may face some issues or errors while activating the Office 2013, one of such activation errors is office 2013 error code 0x4004f00c or 0x4004f00d.

The Microsoft Office 2013 error code 0x4004f00c or 0x4004f00d is mainly caused due to the Corrupted Windows activator files that deal with the licensing and activation of the program on the computer.But there are some other causes of the error like the auto-enabled windows firewall settings that blocks the TCP and some other Microsoft Office may be previously installed on the device.


Follow the solutions mentioned below to resolve the Office 2013 error code 0x4004f00c or 0x4004f00d:

Method 1: Use CS Script for activation

  1. Select the “Start” button on the taskbar.
  2. Now, select the “Run” option.
  3. The users may open the run command by pressing the “Windows +R” keys on the keyboard.
  4. The Run window will appear on the screen, here type “cmd” and then either press “enter” key or click on “OK” button.
  5. The cmd window will appear on the screen. In this window, write the script given below without any error:

SKU I D: b13afb38-cd79-4ae5-9f7f-eed058d750ca

LICENSE NAME: OFFICE 15, OfficeStandardVL_KMS_CLIENT edition



REMAINING GRACE: 178 days <257669 minute<s> before expiring>

Last 5 characters of installed product key: 92CD4

Activation type Configuration: ALL

DNS auto-discovery: KMS name not available

KMS machine registry override defined: —-:1688

Activation Internal: 120 minutes

Renewal Interval: 10000 minutes

KMS host caching: Disabled

KMS Lookup Domain: ————–

  1. CSScript: “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office 15\ospp.vbs /inpkey:<enter the product key of the purchased Microsoft 2013 package>”

Method 2: Registration of Dynamic Link Library dependencies

  1. Again, open the run command. (Press Windows +R keys on the keyboard.)
  2. In the Run window, type “regsvr32 officestart.dll”.
  3. And then, press “Enter” key.
  4. By doing so, the missing or unregistered Microsoft Office DLL files will automatically get registered.

Method 3: Disable Firewall blocking TCP 1688

  1. Click the “Start” button.
  2. And then, click the “control panel” option.
  3. Search the “Windows firewall” option, either manually or use the search bar at the top-right corner of the “control panel” window.
  4. After searching, select the option.
  5. Here, in the “Private Network Settings” and “Public Network Settings” section, select the “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” option.
  6. Thus, the Windows firewall will be disabled. Now, try to activate the productivity suite.

After performing the aforementioned solutions, if the users are still facing the Microsoft Office 2013 error code 0x4004f00c or 0x4004f00d then, they may contact the Microsoft technicians.