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How to fix “Something Went Wrong” Error during Microsoft Office 365 Installation?

Microsoft Office 365 is group of subscriptions that offer productivity software as well as allied services for consumers and business users both. Office 365 Home users can enjoy using all the Microsoft Office applications on macOS, iOS, Windows, Android and Windows 10 mobile. It also provides storage space on the OneDrive file hosting service along with 60 Skype minutes per month. For businesses, Office 365 also provides service subscriptions for social networking services and email using hosted versions of Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server, Office Online and SharePoint.

Downloading, installing and activating Office 365 subscription is quite easy. All you need to purchase it first and then login to your Microsoft account and then download your subscription by clicking download on the link given. Follow the further steps to install Office 365 and then activate it using the Office product key.

With Office Installation, you get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher and Access that can also be installed on multiple devices, i.e. Macs, PCs, Android tablets, Android Phones and iPhone. Once purchased, you need to purchase Office again in order to get it updated to the latest version. While installing Office 365, you may encounter an error with a message “Sorry, Something Went Wrong”. This will halt the entire process of installation. To solve this issue, you can run the Office Fix It tool that will take you to the uninstalling Office steps. Now, restart your computer system and then try installing the Office 365 again to troubleshoot this issue.

To troubleshoot this error, all you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, uninstall the already installed Office 365 subscription and then perform a clean re-installation.
  2. Check your internet connection and make sure it’s not on a limited connection. Also ensure the router’s firmware is up to date
  3. Clear the cache memory and cookies of your browser
  4. Reset the Internet Explorer settings
  5. Make sure that there is no other version of previously installed on your system as it will create a software conflict

After trying these troubleshooting steps, if you still face an issue, then contact support team. The technicians are available 24*7 to provide you the best solution of Office 365 installation errors. Hope the provided information is useful for you!



How to fix “Webroot unable to update” Error?

Webroot is a well-renowned name amongst top cybersecurity solution and threat intelligent service providers. The private American company offers a number of security solutions to meet the needs of both home and consumer PCs. With Webroot on your computer system, you can get cloud-based protection that protects your system from being infected. Webroot antivirus also fights with the viruses like Ransomware that steals your confidential information and temporarily locks your computer system in order to make you pay them huge bucks in order to get the access back.

For consumers, Webroot offers simple and affordable security solutions that protect Mac computers, Windows PCs and mobile phones as well. On the other hand, for businesses you get security solutions with multi-vector protection for endpoints and networks along with the cloud-based threat intelligent services. Webroot keeps on launching different updates to make sure that the security standards are up-to-date and good enough to fight with the all kinds of viruses, phishing scams and other online threats.

 If you have Webroot installed on your device, then it is necessary to update it whenever there is one available. Don’t worry; you need not to check it manually as Webroot will send you a notification for the same automatically. All you need to do is:
  1. Open Webroot
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Updates
  4. Press Check for Updates

This will redirect you to a page showing if an update is available or not. If it is available, you will see a button labeled as “Install free updates”. Click it to start downloading the latest updates. The entire process of updating seems quite easy; but there are users facing an issue in updating the Webroot cybersecurity installed on their device. The error displays a message “Webroot Cannot Be Updated at This Time”. If the same error is troubling you, then the below mentioned troubleshooting steps can do wonders for you:

  1. Open Webroot and visit Settings
  2. In the Basic Configuration tab, make sure there you have enabled the check box in front of “Automatically download and apply updates”
  3. If not, do it right away and try installing the updates now!

If the aforementioned solution doesn’t works in your favor, then simply un-install the Webroot and install it again using the same activation key or product key. Now, try to update it again. There may be a possibility that any other antivirus or security solution installed on your system is causing this issue. So, it is recommended to uninstall that security software that is raising a conflict. Try installing the updates again. While trying to update the Webroot, make sure your system has enough space along with a good internet connection. If you still facing this issue, then contact Webroot customer support team and get the issue fixed immediately.

Hope the information was helpful!


Microsoft Defends Edge’s Bad Selection of Extensions

Microsoft, the tech giant brought a number of third-party extensions to its Edge browser last year. Since the launch, only 70 extensions have been made available for Edge. Approximately in the same period, Google brought nearly 10,000 extensions to its Chrome web store and the number has been increasing ever since. In a recent blog post, the tech giant has explained why Edge is lacking in terms of extensions. The company has clearly stated that we are focusing on bringing the quality extensions that delivers the users an amazing experience.



Microsoft accepted that the progress of these extensions has been slow in order to ensure quality control. Microsoft’s Colleen Williams wrote a blog post on company’s official blog stating that we have taken an intentionally metered approach as we embed new extensions. He also said that “Extensions are one of the important features in Edge or any other browser, and we have a high bar for quality”. As these extensions deal very closely to the browser, we have focused on security, performance and trustworthiness.

This is somehow true as Google Chrome has a number of extensions that are simply useless as well as unreliable in terms of quality and security. For most of them, user reviews has always been a rescue. These reviews help in figuring out which extension is poor and vice-versa. The main issue with Edge’s extensions is that they took so long to launch for the browser. In a blog post, Microsoft observed that users are complaining about the slow pace of the newly launched extensions.

Now, Microsoft is looking to bring improvement in Windows 10’s specialized browser by focusing on the development of Edge within an insider tester program. Like the other testing programs available for Windows 10, Microsoft Office and the Bing search engine, Microsoft is preparing an Edge insider program. Spotted by Microsoft Power User, the Bing email notes that Microsoft would like its users to participate in a survey to “determine your interest in making a Microsoft Edge insider program to let us improve Edge”.

This simply indicates that updates for the Edge are being tested and will be launched separately by Microsoft Support to the operating system updates. That is because work on the Edge is presently affected by the fact the latest features and tweaks are only launched as a part of the big OS updates. If this testing program is going to happen, it will be supposedly happen soon. This may even kick off in the middle of this month, which means it is just a week away!



4 Most Common Windows 8 User Errors and Their Solution

Besides the launch of so many versions, Windows 8 is still the preferred choice of computer users. Its exclusive features include speedy boot time, built-in antivirus, innovate and dynamic desktops, better search function, Windows to go, Windows live syncing and more. Like any other software or operating system, there are chances that you may face an error in Windows 8. These errors could occur during installation, activation or at any time. However, the best part is that we have provided the solution of all these common errors in this article.


  1. Accidently Deleted Files

Nothing can be worse than preparing a document or any other file and accidently delete it. You will be glad to know that by enabling a simple feature of Windows 8, you can recover your deleted file. Not just a deleted file, you can also restore a previous copy of the file. Isn’t it great! The latter is best if you have made changes to a particular document, spreadsheet or presentation and want the old version back.

All you need to do is enable Windows 8 File history feature. You will find it in the toolbar under Home tab. This file history feature runs frequently, making backup copies of your files every hour. Click this button on the ribbon in the folder that once had the file you want to restore now.

  1. Too Many Startup Programs

If you have installed too many startup programs, which are causing slow speed of your computer system and cluttering your system tray, then you can manage all this with the help of Windows 8’s task manager. Right-click the taskbar and select start the task manager. Go to the startup tab and disable your startup programs. Windows 8 will also tell you how much time each startup program is adding to your startup process.

  1. Messed up Any Setting

You will be glad to know that you can restore the default options in almost all the Windows program if you have changed them and want to get them back how they were.

Deleted a library: Simply, right-click the libraries header in the file explorer application and select “Restore default libraries”

Changed your folder display settings: To set them back to default settings, click the View tab in File Explorer and click Options. Now, choose Change folder and search options. Select separate Restore Defaults button on every tab. Restore now!

Hide too many system tray icons: Right-click the taskbar, click Properties, click the Customize button next to Notification area, and select Restore default icon behaviors. 

  1. Frozen or Resource-Sucking Programs

This is not a typical error; however, it may happen that a program stops responding. The situation gets worse when a program keeps on running in the background sucking up CPU and memory resources to do nothing. In the situation of freeze and unresponsiveness, use the task manager to end those programs. For this, follow the below mentioned path:

Right-click on the taskbar-> Start task manager -> Applications -> Close the application that is causing the issue

Still you stuck with these kind of errors contact with Microsoft Support or Windows 8 Support.


Microsoft is Embedding a Potent Security Feature to Windows 10

With its new Potent Security feature, Microsoft is making it quite simpler for Windows 10 business customers to recover from security breaches. This feature will automate what a security professional would do to deal with hacking. A test version of the potent security will be available as the part of the Microsoft Windows defender “advanced threat detection” product, its corporate security service. You can access this feature by the end of this year, said Rob Lefferts, head of security for Windows.

The main goal of this feature is “not to find the breaches and hackers, but to fix them”. It has made a lot of simple and easy tasks fully automatic, which will help the users focus on the complex tasks and strategic things, Lefferts said. While a most of the cyber security attacks need a human at the help to plan a response, machines are perfect for coordinating responses to lesser attacks- most of which are “fairly cookie cutter”, the head of security for Windows said.


Once a security breach is detected, the system is programmed to initiate the following:

  1. Type of cyber security attack
  2. Separating other affected machines
  3. Removing malicious software files
  4. Reformatting hard drives
  5. Re-installing operating systems

All the aforementioned steps depend on the severity of the compromise. The technology used in this tool has been developed by Hexadite, Israeli cybersecurity startup. Microsoft has acquired this startup for a $100 million this summer. Anton Chuvakin, a VP of research at Gartner, said that this feature is fairly necessary, but it would be even more important if Microsoft focus on expanding its compatibility with other companies’ products. “Typical enterprise security operations are very multi-vendor, and certainly not Microsoft-only,” he said.

The update “does signal the beginning of automated security response and it is another demonstration that Microsoft is not content to have just basic security anymore, said Peter Firstbrook, VP of research at Forrester. Rob Lefferts said that the tech giant would definitely continue to assess new ways to integrate the upcoming technology.

For more information, contact with Microsoft Support or Windows 10 Support.



Check Out the latest Outlook Update for Android Users

MS Outlook iOS users are already enjoying so-called “add-ins” features that were introduced few months back. But this is something really exciting for Outlook Android users. The all new update has come up with some of the amazing “add-in” app features. The add-ins helps the customers accomplish simple to complex tasks within minutes. Ranging from saving an email to your CRM application, adding an email to your project board, translating emails to fly to adding a personality to the emails, add-ins offer everything. It removes the need of switching back and forth between different applications to copy and paste the information or do other tasks. With the all new add-ins, these tasks can be done in the blink of seconds.


  • Evernote

Helps you save emails in Outlook to a project notebook in Evernote

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

The add-in allows you quickly check customer contacts and other tasks

  • Microsoft Translator

Helps you translate email messages on the fly with support for more than 60 languages

  • Nimble

With Nimble, you check insight of any contact in MS Outlook. This incorporates shared relationships, industry and company profiles, broad social profiles, revenue and much more.

  • OnePlaceMail

Effortlessly saves emails and attachment to SharePoint without affecting the Outlook environment

  • Outlook Customer Manager

This helps in tracking and growing customer relationship straight from the Outlook.

  • Smartsheet

With Smartsheet, you can easily organize your work and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time by creating, assigning and updating tasks and accessing the required project information from your email.

  • Trello

Trello helps in accessing any incoming email with an existing board, edit descriptions and create cards. The add-in has been updated to save email attachments to your Trello board.

  • Wrike

This add-in enables you quickly capture your team communication in one place, which gives your team members better visibility into work. For using this add-in, tap the Open Wrike add-in icon.

  • JIRA

The best-in-class add-in helps you stay on the top of the project issues and communicate with the customers about the project.

  • MeisterTask

It lets you quickly save emails as tasks in your project board. With MeisterTask, you don’t need to copy/paste or re-enter the content into some other application.

  • Gfycat

Make your emails more engaging and expressive with Gfycat, which helps you share awesome and relevant GIFs. All you need to do is tap React with Gfycat to search for the GIF you want to share.

  • MojiLala

The plug-in helps you add color, imagination and humor to make your emails more expressive. Tap the Reply with MojiLala icon to use this add-in.


The aforementioned features will be available for all the Outlook customers across the Mac, iOS, Android, web and Windows. To enable the update to your Outlook, do the following:

  1. Settings > Add-ins
  2. Tap the + sign next to the add-ins you want to enable

Still if You face any issue contact Outlook Customer Support.