How to Fix Brother Printer Ink Absorber Full Error?

Brother Industries, Ltd., the Japanese electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company offers a great range of printers along with the other products. The different types of Brother Printers meet the needs of both consumers as well as businesses. You can choose from high-speed laser printer with duplex, laser printer with wireless capability and other printers, depending upon your particular specifications. Over the time, Brother Printer has gained immense popularity due to its exceptional features, highly advanced printing, smart design and wireless networking capability.

 Like any other software or hardware, Brother Printer can also stop functioning due to an error. The most common errors among those include printer not printing, empty cartridge and absorber full error. Here, in this article, we are going to provide you the quick solution to this absorber full error. Before moving ahead towards the solution, let’s understand what actually this error is.

The ink absorber is also called as flushing box and this require a periodic maintenance in order to ensure its smooth functioning. This flushing box gets the ink during a number of flushing and purging operations of the printer. And these operations are performed in order to clean the ink system, which further provides you a hassle-free printing experience.

You must be thinking that how many times a printer performs these two operations. The answer is, it depends on a number of situations, i.e. turning on and off the printer frequently, initiates the cleanup process. It can also be caused when you use a non-Brother ink that may be of poor quality. This poor quality issue can be resolved only by cleaning up the printer. The simple solution to this problem is to replace the flushing box or what we call it an ink absorber.

To know, which fluxing box would be perfect, you can simply contact Brother Printer customer support. The certified technicians will guide you with the best possible solution mere by asking you few details, i.e. type and the model of the printer and more. Get it replaced for a smooth printing experience.



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