Where To Find The Model or Printer Number of a HP Printer?

HP offers a great assortment of printers like laserjet, inkjet and more to meet the growing demand of the customers and to provide them an unmatched printing experience. HP printers are highly acclaimed for their superior quality and high-end printing in both colored and black & white prints. A user can choose any one of them as per their specific requirement.

After purchasing the printer of your choice, you may encounter a number of problems related to its installation, establishing a connection of the printer to the Wi-Fi, replacing cartridges and more. And to get rid of these problems or find a solution of your queries, you will be required to contact HP customer support. Before providing you the solution, they will ask the following things:

  • Series Number
  • Model Number
  • Product Number
  • Serial Number

A printer can be identified by a series number as a group of printers may have different series. For example, an OfficeJet Pro printer has 8720, 8725, 8728 models. A model number of the printer makes it unique. In some of the cases, HP gives a specific product key to the printer. For example, the HP OfficeJet Mobile 250 printers includes 250, 250c, 252, 252c, and the 258. The HP OfficeJet Mobile 258 is only sold in China. The last identity of the printer, i.e. serial number is a unique number that represents only one printer. You can find these numbers by following one of the following methods:

1. HP Support Assistant

HP Support Assistant is a software program that is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. The program provides complete information about your device including the serial number and the model of your HP printer. You can search for this program in the Windows search bar. If it is not there, download it from HP Support Assistant website. Once download/open, click Next to check My Device information. Now click Add a Device Box and then choose Detect My Device. Select your device and you will be able to see the model number and the serial number of your printer.

2. On the Printer

This basic information for the printer’s identification is also available on following locations of the printer:

  • On the control panel, under the display tab
  • Model number listed near the ink cartridge
  • Upper right corner of the printer
  • Lower right corner of the printer
  • Upper left or lower left corner of the printer

These choices have been given to let you know about the common locations, which further depend on the type of the printer. Check any of the following places and you will easily find your HP printer model or serial number. Make sure you check this information before making a call to HP Printer Support.

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