Your Computer Systems to run 100 times faster via Terahertz Microchips!

Great news for technology lovers! Researchers have now developed a new optic technology to enable the computers as well as optic communication devices users to experience high speed through terahertz microchips.

Uriel Levy, one of the researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) in Israel said that the discovery of this optic technology could help in filling the THz gap and create new and highly powerful wireless devices that are capable of transmitting the data at considerably higher speed than the users are experiencing at present.

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McAfee Contracted To Implement Comprehensive Security Solution For Transportation Security Administration

U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has awarded McAfee, the most efficient and reliable cloud computing organization that provide cybersecurity software services. This was a contract TSA made with McAfee that they will provide proper assistance to their security sources to detect and prevent all online threats and viruses as soon as possible for McAfee (for more details visit


Vice-president of federal at McAfee Mr. Ken Kartsen mentioned that “Federal security teams need holistic solutions to address the flood of cyber threats agencies are encountering daily with fewer people and resources than ever”. Further, he added that federal security teams have appreciated the security services McAfee provide and said: “Such solutions must continuously improve operational visibility, deliver operational efficiencies and reduce dwell time, all while improving catch rate and maintaining situational awareness across the enterprise.”

TSA included the list of services that McAfee will offer them with the device-to-cloud feature that enable endpoint defense and threat response capabilities and additionally, leverage the Data Exchange Layer (DLX) for them. These services are highly unified and having secure messaging fabric and extremely positive for the OpenSSL to incorporate and assure to smoothen the progress of communication between more than 70 solutions from several different security vendors.

As per the contract, McAfee will provide the following security solutions:

  • McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange
  • McAfee® Active Response, an endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology
  • McAfee® Advanced Threat Defense, a sandboxing technology
  • McAfee® Endpoint Security
  • McAfee® Server Security Suite with Cloud Workload Discovery

Taking advantage of DLX to assimilate cyber threat information sources and share threat data across to the TSA right away without delay. This information will help security defense protect systems all over the enterprise for becoming cooperative.

Lata, the writer of this article has been into writing since five years. While writing, she focuses on mentioning each and every detail that can help her readers know about the latest technological changes, including Office updates, Microsoft product launches, antivirus errors, printer errors and more.

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How To Fix Norton Antivirus Issues In The Norton Setup Update

Norton is an Anti-malware security software which provides regular scanning and detection of errors in the devices, applications, software, and safety browsing. Some of the salient features of Norton Setup Update, which makes it stand out of the crowd of competition, from other Antivirus security software in the market are- email spam filtering, phishing protection, and uses the signature to identify the malware.


Norton provides its users with very smooth experiences with the application and runs on all platforms including Windows and Mac OS. Norton setup products are – Norton Security Premium, Norton 360 2018, Norton Internet Security, and Norton multi-device. Each product contains different features and can be activated after successful activation, by providing the correct Norton Setup product key.

Norton Setup Update

But sometimes the user may face certain errors which are very common, Norton Antivirus was set to update but it couldn’t able to complete it.

In every alternatively, Norton setup its update on software and on the database of the virus. In the worst scenario, when you put your Antivirus on the update and it couldn’t able to complete, this may affect your system in near future. You may look for the steps to fix it, as soon as possible. Thus, below provided are the steps to fix such errors in Norton Update. They are as follows:

Step 1- Disable the Windows Firewall

Most of the time Windows Firewall cause issues like stucking the update process, not letting the Norton Antivirus download the files which are necessary for the updates. Thus, letting the Antivirus stop in between the updates.

To rectify this error, you need to-

  • Click on the Start menu and then click on the Internet option from the control panel list.
  • In the Internet option pop-up window, deselect the Firewall

Please note- Norton Antivirus comes with Firewall and Windows Firewall. And Norton Firewall which stops Norton Antivirus for further updates.

Step 2- Free some space on Hard Drive           

Sometimes the new updates from Norton Antivirus take huge storage space on your system, especially the files. Maybe at that moment, your system doesn’t have much storage space or it couldn’t provide with the sufficient space. At that time the Norton Antivirus can stop updating.

All you need to do in such situation is just delete some of your unwanted files, to provide with sufficient space. Or you can backup some of the files in the cloud or you can go for buying an external hard drive.

Please note- you can always go for shut down option from the Start menu, to shut down the PC completely. Then again restart the PC and leave it for an update.

Step 3- Remove and Install Norton Setup.

For Removing the Norton Antivirus-

  • Go to the Start menu of your PC.
  • You can either type Run in the dialog box or can press the Windows + R keys.
  • Now type cpl on the dialog box and click Ok button.
  • A page will open in your system with the list of currently installed programs. Select Norton product and then click on the Uninstall or Remove
  • On the opening of the User Account Control Window, just click on the Continue option, to move next.
  • Now just read and follow the provided on-screen instructions.
  • Restart your PC.

For Installing the Norton Setup –

  • Visit
  • In the Norton My Account page, choose Sign in, if you are already a member of Norton family. Or choose Sign up, to be the new member of the Norton family.
  • When asked about putting up the Norton product key. Please provide with the correct product key, for the new product or else with the previous product key
  • In the Subscription page, subscribe the same Norton product or the different Norton product
  • Follow the correct steps for downloading and installing the Norton product in your system.
  • After the correct installation of Norton Security software. Restart your system.
  • Your system is ready with the Norton Antivirus software, for detecting the malware in your systems.

Please note- If you face any trouble while removing and  re-installing or installing the Norton setup products. Then please contact the Norton Support toll free number to get expert advice on your issues.

Other Tips –

  • Always check on the date and time of your System.
  • Do Install the correct updated version of Norton Antivirus.
  • Keep O.S updated
  • Always check on the Norton Licence and Subscription.


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How To fix McAfee Error 12152 or 7305 While Downloading McAfee Programs?

McAfee is considered to be the world’s largest and the most reliable security technology company. Although it works very smoothly without any bad reviews from the user. But sometimes the user may face some difficulty while going to download and install McAfee Security products. The most common error among all others is the McAfee error 12152 or 7305. Both the errors occur while downloading this McAfee products.

McAfee Error 12152 or 7305

While going to download the security products, the message may display on the screen are:

  • An error 7305 displays on the screen.
  • Unable to continue the installation- an error12152, can pop-up, with failing of the installation process
  • Something went wrong with the installation.

The issues face by the user while downloading their products, either the download gets failed or the download gets disconnected because of the errors like 12152 or 7305. This normally happens when the user wait for the download to settle down and it takes more than 15 minutes.

There is always a solution for every problem. Below provided are the steps, to follow to solve such issues when faced. They are as follows :

Step 1- If the downloading and installing is still incomplete, while waiting for so long. Then one can do-

  • Take help from Virtual Assistant.

Tips- The Virtual Assistant will open in a new tab or window. Follow the instructions as provided and close the window or tab, after you are done.

  • Take help of the Manual steps, as provided below.

Step 2- One can download and run the Pre-install tool and McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool. Below are the steps to follow for downloading and running the Pre-install tool. They are as follows-

  • The user needs to download the Pre-Install Tool.

Tips-the file needs to saved in a temporary location, such as Desktop.

  • Now after the downloading is over, one needs to double-click the Pre-Install_Tool.exe and follow the further instructions.
  • The pop-up window will display on your screen, asking for you to go with the changes or not. Click on the Ok button to proceed.
  • After the Pre-install Tool installation gets over. Simply go with the following instructions as they were asked. Click Ok button. Then Click on the Close button and then Restart the computer.

After the computer gets restart, wait for sometime around, not more than 30 minutes. Then again try to download and install McAfee Product. Still, facing the problem? Then follow the instructions and the steps as provided for McAfee Activate Consumer Product Removal Tool.

Before one gets started with the downloading, they need to follow certain tips- they need to bookmark or put it on the favorite list so that they can come back to this article later. And they need to save all the open files and close all the programs if it’s running.

Now they need to follow certain steps for successful downloading. They are as follows-

  • The user needs to download the MCPR tool.
  • After the downloading gets over, one needs to double click on exe.
  • After the clicking, if one face any security warning. Depending on the version of the Windows one uses, simply click on the button Yes, Continue and Run button.
  • Now, McAfee Software Removal Screen will appear on the screen, after it gets installed and run properly. Read the instructions and click on the Next The End User License Agreement (EULA) page will open, read them and after that click on the Agree button to proceed next.
  • After Agreeing with EULA page, the Security Validation Screen will appear on the Computer One needs to type the characters as displayed on the screen and click Next button to proceed further. This step helps in avoiding the accidental use of MCPR.
  • When whole procedure gets over, one may encounter with any of the following messages– Removal Complete or Cleanup Unsuccessful. Click on any of them, as one sees.

Please note- Make sure to download the new copy of MCPR, for every use. This will help in the latest version and the new McAfee products will be recognized.MCPR isn’t meant to clean-up 100% of components. It will only omit the components needed for re-installation. Completion of the steps will require Restart.

If you still facing the same issues, for downloading and installing the McAfee products. Then you can reach out to  team to help you up.



Points to Consider Before you Install the Pogo games on your iPad!

No one can deny from the fact that the Pogo games are worldwide popular. These games can be played online or offline by downloading and installing them on the Windows, Mac or mobile devices. In both the cases, the players may find several issues related to their downloading, loading and more. To troubleshoot these issues, one can simply go for Pogo games support. In order to avoid the crashing, loading, server connection related errors while playing different Pogo games on your iPad, keep the following key points in mind:

Pogo Games Support

iOS version should be updated

Before you install any of the Pogo game, make sure the iOS version installed on your iPad is up-to-date. For this, do the following:

  1. Open the device’s setting menu
  2. Tap General and then Software Update
    1. Your device will show if there is an update available or not
  3. Tap Update, if available

Along with the operating system, the applications available on your iPad should also be updated. To check this, do the following:

  1. Visit the App Store
  2. Tap Updates
  3. Tap Update All or Update (for a particular application asking for the update)

Quit all running applications

The second most important point to consider is to close all the running applications before you initiate the installation. Follow the below-mentioned steps for the same:

  1. Double-click the Home button to check which applications are currently running
  2. View each app by swiping right or left
  3. Swipe up the app’s preview to close them

Reboot your iPad

After you close all the applications, it is recommended to reboot or restart your iPad. For this simply, choose restart option from the device.

Network Connection

Remember that an uninterrupted or slow internet connection can led to the failure of the installation process of the Pogo games. It may also lead to other Pogo games errors. So, it is highly recommended to have a high-speed internet connection; doesn’t matter a WiFi or a Cellular Connection.

Storage Space

One of the main key points while installing the Pogo games is to check whether there is enough storage space available on your device or not. If not, the installation will fail immediately. And if your device has the enough storage space but the installation still fails, it is recommended to call Pogo support number.

Device Compatibility

Make sure the Pogo game you are going to install is compatible with the iPad. For instance, if you are installing a puzzle game and it can be only played on the computer system then it will definitely show an error.

After considering these key points in your mind, if you don’t end up in successful installation then reach out to the Pogo toll-free number and ask for help from a certified technician. The technicians hold years of experience in detecting and then troubleshooting the Pogo games errors with the best possible solution.

Lena Smith, the writer of this article has been into writing since five years. While writing, she focuses on mentioning each and every detail that can help her readers know about the latest technological changes, including Office updates, Microsoft product launches, antivirus errors, printer errors and more.

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How to Resolve Norton Error Message: “Server error” on Mac?

Norton has been rated among the top 5 antiviruses in the recent year as it provides high-end security services. Helping your computer and other devices to block online and cyber risks, Norton Setup antivirus offers a phenomenal set of features depending on your requirements. However, after giving such cutting-edge features, Norton also leads many errors at times, its one of the common error is Norton Server error on Mac.

For Mac users, a common Norton Server error occurs. The Error may lead to Norton sign in errors and other errors related to your Norton account. You can resolve Norton error message “Server error” on Mac by following the steps mentioned below.


Uninstall Norton:

  1. In your OS X, go to Finder and Navigate to Applications
  2. Double-click on your Norton product you want to remove
  3. If you are automatically prompted to Norton product application window then continue to next step otherwise open the window to check the option mentioned in next step
  4. On the top menu near Apple icon, press the option of Norton Product and then click on Uninstall Norton Security
  5. A confirmation pop-up of ‘Uninstall Norton product’ will appear, click confirm or Uninstall and continue
  6. Enter your Administrator name and password to give access to uninstall the software and click Install helper
  7. When directed to next, click Restart Now option available in the uninstall window

After completing the procedure to uninstall Norton successfully, you need to remove the license from any new device in order to continue to resolve the Norton error.

Remove license from any new device:

  1. Open and updated web browser and go to
  2. Sing to your Norton Account and if you don’t have an account then create one by clicking on Create an Account option available right next to sign in button
  3. After signing in to your Norton account, go to the Device page and select the device(s) you are no more using and click on the three dots symbol
  4. Select Delete Device
  5. A Remove Device confirmation window will generate, click Remove and continue

Once you are done with the steps of removing license authority from any unwanted device(s), go ahead to install Norton setup on your device.

Install Norton:

  1. Enter your login details and login to your Norton Account if required (In case of automatic sign out) Or else you will be prompted automatically to your account
  2. If you see your Norton Product with an active download button on the home page, click and continue, or else go to Norton Setup window click Download Norton
  3. Click Agree to the Terms and Conditions and download
  4. Click OK and save Norton file and open the file once done
  5. Double-click on the Norton product installer
  6. Start installing by clicking on Agree and install Norton
  7. Follow the instructions showing on the screen to carry on with the installation process
  8. Click Continue after the LiveUpdate finishes installing the updates
  9. If you see the pop-up of ‘Installation Successful’ window click on the Restart button

After you complete all the steps mentioned above successfully, make sure to restart your device to complete the process. If you are unable to fix the error even after following the step or face and complexity while performing any step, you can connect with Norton  for expert services.


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How to troubleshoot the Avast Antivirus Error Code 1068?

Avast Antivirus is one of the internet security applications that secure the device of its users against the online threats like viruses, spyware, malware and other cyber threats. The Avast antivirus software are available to its users of different platforms (like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) as free versions as well as proprietary versions. Some of the popular services involved in the Avast Antivirus software are Computer security, firewall, anti-phishing, anti-malware and many more.Sometimes the users may face some common errors or issues while executing the Avast antivirus on their systems or devices. And one such run-time errors is Avast Antivirus Error Code 1068. The information mentioned below contains the detail about the troubleshooting steps for resolving the Avast Error code 1068, easily.

Avast Error Code 1068

The Avast Antivirus Error Code is mostly caused due to the following reasons mentioned below:

  1. Incomplete installation of the Avast antivirus.
  2. Avast antivirus software being downloaded incorrectly.
  3. The installation files of the Avast antivirus software being accidentally deleted by some other programs.
  4. The registry files of the system being corrupted.

As the Avast Antivirus run-time error code 1068 occurs on the device, a message box or an alert box is displayed on the screen that shows the message as shown below:

“Avast Error Code 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start.”

Apart from the error message box, there are some other indications or symptoms by which the users can easily get an idea about the occurrence of the Avast Antivirus Error Code 1068 on the device. Some of the indications or symptoms are as follows:

  1. The system response to the users’ input by keyboard or mouse becomes slow.
  2. The program actively running on the device gets crashed as the error occurs
  3. The systems start to freeze, periodically after a few seconds.


By following the stepwise procedure in the same order as mentioned below, the users may resolve the Avast Antivirus Error Code 1068 on the device, easily:

  1. Run the Full Malware Scan for detected the malware infecting the device.
  2. Utilize the Disk Clean-up tool for cleaning all the junk files from the temporary files and folders of the system.
  3. Update the device with all the latest drivers of the system (if available).
  4. Undo all the recent changes made on the system by using the Windows System Restore tool.
  5. Execute the SFC Scan or the System File Checker tool for verifying as well as restoring the missing registry files of the system.
  6. Keep the device updated by installing all the latest updated of the Windows being available.
  7. At the end, try to execute or run the Avast Antivirus Software on the device.

If the Avast Antivirus Error Code 1068 still persists on the device then, the users may call the Avast Customer Support on the Avast toll-free number, to get an instant assistance for resolving the error, quickly.